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Brownie Treat Boxes Delivered Through Your Letterbox

Easter might be over for another year, but we believe chocolate-based goodies are great at any time.


Nothing will lift your spirits more than having fresh brownies delivered through your letterbox.

Brownies and Bakes enable you to have beautifully baked goodies delivered to your home or office anywhere in the UK. All products are delivered fresh and well-packaged, ready to be shared among friends and family.


Studies have shown that chocolate helps to release endorphins, the happy chemicals that elevate someone’s mood- what better excuse to indulge your sweet tooth?


Brownies have been a popular treat since the late Victorian age and are one of the most iconic American desserts.


This dessert is believed to have been created by Bertha Palmer, a Chicago socialite whose husband owned the Palmer House Hotel. It was first served at Chicago World's Columbian Exposition and the rest is history. They’ve long been highly popular in the UK and are made in a variety of styles.


With an extensive selection of treats to choose from, there’s goodies for people of all tastes. Since our treat boxes look as good as they taste, they make excellent gifts for chocolate lovers. If you love our products, you might want to sign up to our subscription service.


If you’re looking to have Brownie treat boxes delivered in the UK, check out our latest menu today.

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