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Buy Freshly Baked Brownies Online In The UK

Brownies are not only tasty on their own, they’re perfect paired with ice cream, whipped cream or milk. In other words, they’re a tasty dessert in winter or summer!


Brownies and Bakes want to ensure you can enjoy brownies at any time of year, with fresh desserts delivered straight to your door. They can be decorated with all kinds of toppings, making them brilliant for special occasions, or for simply cheering you up at work or home.


Buy our brownies online and they’ll arrive at your home or office in the UK, instantly ready for sharing with loved-ones.


We deliver both variations of Brownies: the dark chocolate variety and those made with vanilla rather than chocolate. These are what’s known as a blond brownie or ‘blondie’.  Surprisingly, it’s believed this type of brownie existed before the chocolate variety was developed 10 years later, at the end of the 19th century.


A single pan of our brownies includes this dessert in many different styles.


They’re decorated with all types of sweet treats, from Jammy Dodgers and Bourbon biscuits to those with your own custom message.  This Brownie Slab fresh and ready for your own message in icing, is perfect for all types of special occasions. Like all our desserts, it’s delivered in eco-friendly greaseproof paper and designed to fit through your letterbox.


If you’re looking to buy brownies online in the UK, find out more about our services today.

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