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Brownie Letterbox Gifts Ideal For Halloween Or Christmas

Want to give trick-or-treaters something different this year?


Brownies are one of the most comforting treats during those chilly winter months. They’re ideal accompanied by a glass of milk or served warm with a bowl of ice cream, topped with whipped cream. Yum!


Originally soaring to popularity in America, brownies have long since become one of the most popular desserts in the UK. Ideal for giving to Trick or Treaters this Halloween, having a dish of these to hand out will make you extremely popular!


Send someone a sweet treat through their letterbox.


If you want to send someone a sweet treat this Halloween or Christmas, Brownies And Bakes delivers letterbox gifts throughout the UK. An online bakery specialising in brownies and blondies, we have a wonderful selection to choose from.


Our freshly baked brownies and blondies not only look wonderful, but taste absolutely delectable. Best sellers include our Mixed Brownies and Blondies Box which come in a variety of sizes and include a choice of toppings. They can easily be customised with a message of your choice.


Perfect for sharing with friends and family, our brownies will arrive through your letterbox and instantly ready for gifting.


If you know someone who loves brownies, buying them a subscription could be the ideal Christmas gift.


Find out more about our brownie letterbox gifts or contact our team for more information.

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