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The Best Letterbox Brownies for Thoughtful Gifts

Want to send someone a tasty surprise this winter?


Our letterbox brownies and blondies will lift their spirits even during the darkest December day. 


Brownies first appeared in cookbooks in the early 20th century, with the classic recipe consisting of butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour. Meanwhile, ‘blondies’ tend to use vanilla extract and brown sugar instead of cocoa powder for their flavouring. 


Fresh brownies with all sorts of creative toppings. 


Today, brownies come in a wide range of styles, including being decorated with all sorts of delectable treats.  Our letterbox brownies are adorned with everything from Jammy Dodgers, chocolate buttons and fudge, to slices of Terry’s chocolate orange. We love coming up with all sorts of fun and original ideas.


Posted fresh through your letterbox, they make a lovely surprise for anyone this Christmas. 


Ideal for sharing with friends and family, our brownies are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Even the grease paper used is eco-friendly.


Best sellers include this Mixed Brownie & Blondie Box which is available in a number of sizes. Ideal for getting a taste of what we offer, it contains a number of our most popular treats. Alternatively you might want to create your own mixed box. 

If you’re looking for the best letterbox brownies, check out our latest options today.

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