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Delicious Corporate Brownie Gifts for all Budgets

Want to treat your employees this Halloween?

Showing your staff you care is crucial for keeping morale high. Sweet treats are particularly popular at work in winter, when many of us feel tired and can benefit from a small sugar rush!


Giving edible gifts is also a wonderful way to keep clients on-side. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a large amount to keep your staff and clients ‘sweet’... 


Freshly baked brownies are a great way to lift everyone’s spirits this season. 


Brownies and Bakes has the tastiest corporate gifts with which to reward your employees and clients. 


Our boxes of handmade fudgy brownies and blondies are delivered fresh, wrapped in greaseproof paper. They’re also packaged in an attractive box personalized with a label of your choice. 


These can be delivered straight to your office, ready for sharing among your employees or at a meeting. Beautifully presented, every box of brownies looks as good as it tastes.


Corporate brownie gifts automatically delivered for special occasions. 


If needed, we also offer automated deliveries. These are ideal for important dates like birthdays and anniversaries of important events. After all, running a business is full-on and automatic deliveries will save you time and hassle. You’ll never have to worry about missing someone’s birthday ever again.

Find out more about our corporate brownie gifts. Or simply contact us for more information.

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