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Give Delicious Corporate Gifts in the UK

Want to keep your staff or customers sweet this winter?


Regular rewards are a great way to incentivise your team and help them feel valued. During winter, it’s easy for morale to fall and energy levels to drop. Our corporate gifts are a brilliant way to give their spirits a lift.


These tasty brownies are wonderful for sharing among colleagues and can be enjoyed with ice cream. 


Giving customers or potential clients little treats can also make them feel much more appreciated. It also shows your company is willing to go that extra mile to impress them. They’re also brilliant for treating potential clients and securing customer referrals. 


Create unique treat boxes that are ideal for corporate gifts.


We can deliver fresh, delectable brownies to offices anywhere in the UK. Whether you need to encourage return customers or wish to treat staff in the run up to Christmas, Brownies and Bakes makes it easy to personalise our corporate boxes.


Whatever your brand or budget, we work with you to meet your objectives. Our team can create a memorable gift that effortlessly creates goodwill. 


We offer many personalisation options to make your gift extra special. That includes custom business logos, custom sleeve bands, ‘Thank You’ stickers, and much more.

If you’re looking to give tasty corporate gifts in the UK, find out more about our brownies.


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