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Send Brownie Treat Boxes To Loved Ones In The UK

Whether it’s for Christmas, a romantic celebration or birthday, our Brownie treat boxes will sweeten up any occasion. They’re a thoughtful gift for all celebrations.


Our Brownie treat boxes are packed with unique desserts, topped with all sorts of unique goodies. These range from chocolate buttons, fudge and Jammie dodgers, to slices of chocolate orange. No matter if you prefer blondies or brownies, there’s something for everyone in each of our boxes.


Delivered to homes and offices throughout the UK, it’s easy to make someone feel special, no matter how far apart you are.


If you want a box tailored to your tastes, we enable you to pick your own mixed box.


Starting from £16.14, the boxes come in a number of different sizes. You can choose not only which brownies and blondies you have, but the toppings, ‘a hug in a mug’, and a free gift message.


Flavours for our biscuits include classic brownies, Terry’s chocolate orange, hazelnut praline, strawberry cheesecake, Lotus biscoff, white chocolate and raspberry, and many more.


You can also choose to make a one-off purchase or have subscription service. Please note, our shop is currently closed so all orders will be dispatched from 4th January.

If you’re looking to send a brownie treat box in the UK, discover more reason to choose our delivery service today.

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