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Why Sign Up To One Of Our Brownie Subscriptions In The UK?

With our affordable monthly subscriptions, you can enjoy luxury baked goods on a regular basis.


Brownies and Bakes love sweetening up your day with the yummiest handmade brownies and blondies. The latter is an increasingly popular variation of this dessert bar, which usually uses vanilla in place of chocolate.


Luxury handmade brownies delivered to your doorstep.


Whether you have kids who are a big fan of brownies or enjoy having sweet treats with your tea, our subscription boxes are a fantastic choice for any chocolate lover. They’re also brilliant gifts for anyone who is a fan of this popular dessert. You can even include a personalised message on the box to make it extra special.


Available for £19.19 monthly for 12 months, you can have a variety box of our beautiful baked goods delivered once a month. These subscription boxes are beautifully presented, making them ideal for sharing with loved-ones. All brownies are delivered fresh and arrived wrapped in grease-proof paper, so they’ll be at their tastiest.


Each Monthly Variety Subscription box contains three blondie and three brownie slices. You will receive six different flavours every month, so there’s always something new to enjoy.


You have the option of including a premium hot drink from Taylor’s, Yorkshire Tea Bags and Cadburys. In short, everything needed to relax and unwind!


Find out more about our brownie subscriptions or drop us a line for more details.

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